The GARTNER company group

GARTNER is the leading private transport company in Austria with its company headquarters in Lambach/Austria as well as branch offices, subsidiaries and cooperation partners in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The company exists for 100 years and is owned by an Austrian family. The GARTNER group employs approximately 4,000 persons in Europe (850 of them in Austria) and it achieved consolidated annual turnover of approximately € 520 million during the last business year.

Our decades long experience in the domestic and international goods transport and our consequent orientation towards the requirements of our customers have made it possible that we continuously grow. GARTNER currently owns a truck fleet with approximately 2,000 traction units as well as 2,700 trailers, and GARTNER only uses state of the art, environmentally friendly tractor units.

Starting in 2003, GARTNER is also active with increasing traffic numbers in the area of the unattended combined transport street-rail. This new business area is mainly pursued with our own, complete container trains, which initially shuttled between the newly erected container terminals in Lambach (A) and Thessaloniki (GR). Our container trains today also travel to Romania, to Turkey and as of late also to Germany. The environment also benefits – GARTNER moves annually almost 32,000 truck street transports to the environmentally friendly rail.

The GARTNER group is a company acting Europe-wide. 100% of the shares are owned by a family in Austria. Our core business covers all aspects of road freight transport. Our service range is supplemented by intermodal transport (unaccompanied combined transport) on major European rail routes and comprehensive logistic solutions. We guarantee optimum customer benefits thanks to our customer-orientated company network.