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Sustainability for generations

For Gartner, protection of the environment and sustainable transport solutions are important concerns and form an integral part of the company’s strategy. The Gartner truck fleet always complies with the latest ecological guidelines and is maintained by our own specialists.

Green Logistics

Just under 2/3 of Austrian transport is road-based. The constantly increasing transport volume thus explains the growing CO2 emissions in the transport sector. As one of the largest transport companies, we make every effort to keep our share of CO2 emissions as low as possible. This is achieved, on the one hand, by using the latest, environmentally friendly engine technologies (Euro 5 EEV and Euro 6), and, on the other hand, by aerodynamic measures on the vehicles, which can additionally reduce fuel consumption. We are working on continuous improvements in the utilisation of the available means of transport as well as on a reduction of empty kilometres by using the most modern route optimisation systems. The diesel used for road transport meets the requirements of the exhaust gas and environmental standard ÖNORM EN 590.

Green Freight Europe

In addition to the environmentally relevant measures for road transport, Gartner has shifted a considerable part of its transports from road to environmentally friendly rail. In the interest of the environment, Gartner has been an active member of Green Freight Europe, an independent volunteer programme for the reduction of emissions caused by road freight transport in Europe for several years now.

Future Projects

In future, Gartner will continue to focus on the continuous renewal of its fleet in accordance with the latest emission standards. Electromobility and the use of renewable energy sources in transport will also be an issue going forward. With the photovoltaic system at the Kehl location and the headquarters in Lambach, Gartner is at the cutting edge of technology and tries to generate as much of the required electricity as possible using sunlight to protect the environment.

Photovoltaikanlage Standort Kehl
Photovoltaikanlage Standort Lambach

Sustainability – even in the office

We set ourselves the goal of reducing the negative effects of our business activities on the environment to a minimum. This includes not only the company’s operational side, but also its administrative and warehousing activities. An intelligent pallet exchange by means of an IT-supported credit note system reduces CO2 emissions just as current projects dedicated to the subject of “paperless logistics” – papers are scanned and optimally used to reduce paper consumption. The paper currently still in circulation is FSC-certified and thus climate-friendly. Our Lambach headquarters is certified according to ISO 14001. This standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system.

The company building is continuously modernised. This includes the changeover to LED lighting for all areas. Gartner purchases electricity from an energy mix that is demonstrably made up of renewable energy sources.

With its energy-efficient lighting concept, the new “Gartner Nord” site in Lambach is a model of environmentally friendly lighting. By means of situational lighting, electricity savings of up to 90 per cent are achieved here.