Apprenticeship at GARTNER KG

As Austria's leading transport service provider, we are continuously searching for young talents who enjoy working with other persons, who have a communicative character, who search for challenges and who like a diversified activity.

Everything you must know can be found here if you are interested in an apprenticeship at GARTNER KG: whether it addresses apprentice compensation or bonuses (e.g. for a good vocational school certificate) but also about a variety jobs based on apprenticeship, which we can offer to you. You can also learn a lot about what you can achieve after your apprenticeship education at GARTNER KG.

You may now only be a few mouse clicks away from your new future in the world of GARTNER KG.

All benefits of an apprenticeship at Austria's leading transport Company.

  • Looking back on almost 100 years of company history, we offer a safe job at a financially strong private company in the strongly growing logistics industry.
  • Despite the fact that we employ more than 2,600 persons in our corporation, we remain a family enterprise and put special emphasis on an appreciative, personal atmosphere.
  • A good work climate with motivated employees, state-of-the-art workplaces and "social benefits".
  • During the apprenticeship education, the apprentices are not only assigned to a single department but they work in all relevant departments and therefore become quickly acquainted with correlations and acting persons.
  • Of course, we are interested that our apprentices remain loyal to the company even after the apprenticeship education. For this purpose, we offer interesting and diversified career opportunities. If interested, we can offer career opportunities abroad with our 20 locations in 9 countries.
  • Our education offer currently includes 5 jobs based on apprenticeship with congenial trainers.
  • Flexibility for the apprenticeship education and during the acceptance process. The interest in our company is our main criteria. This also includes the appropriate thoroughness and accuracy, logical thinking and an ambition for the transport industry.