Vehicle transport

GARTNER specializes on the European-wide transport of commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural equipment and construction equipment

The available equipment includes 120 special transport units that can be selected by our expert scheduling personnel in accordance with your requirements.

All vehicles have a certificate of exemption for a height of up to 4.3 m and a width of 3 m.

The loading and unloading as well as the load securing of vehicles or self driving work machines is performed personally by our trained personnel.

Load securing is increasingly more important for road traffic in all countries and it is not only an important contribution to the traffic security, but it is also a major quality feature for a professionally executed transport.

GARTNER identified this challenge early and bases its activities on the support of the load securing section of TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH. As the process partners in the segment of load securing, the specialists of TÜV SÜD guarantee the optimization of the load securing technologies and provision of the technical know-how through competent consultations and continued support.

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