Vehicle transport

The strongest fleet of vehicles for the best vehicle transport: Gartner specialises in the pan-European transport of commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural equipment and construction machinery. With a total of 150 vehicle transporters, which are deployed by our experienced dispatchers in a targeted manner: we can offer you the right size and level of flexibility to suit your transport tasks. All vehicles have special permits for heights of up to 4.30 metres and widths of up to 3 metres – meaning that we are always prepared for all challenges relating to vehicle transport.

Even greater flexibility thanks to hydraulic lifting platform: In contrast to pure car transporters, our versatile vehicle transporters have only one loading level. The decisive advantage of this solution: The lifting platform can be hydraulically lowered or raised at any time to meet all international height and length regulations when on the road.

A partner with the knack for the finer details: load securing during vehicle transport

We prove our professionalism as early as during loading. As one of the leading vehicle logistics companies in Europe, we are fully aware of the high value of the freight we transport. We, therefore, pay particular attention to a careful and yet efficient loading process – as well as to the highest level of load securing, which complies with all current international standards.

Quality that gets to where it’s going: In order to ensure both an efficient loading process and guarantee load security with the highest quality, we rely exclusively on our own, highly trained personnel for vehicle transport operations.

Furthermore, Gartner depends on the technical support provided by the load securing division of TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH. As a process partner in the field of load securing, the specialists at TÜV SÜD ensure the optimisation of load securing techniques and provide the technical know-how for safe transport with competent advice and continuous support at all times.

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Our vehicle fleet for vehicle transport operations

  • 150 vehicle transporters
  • 10 of which for covered transport