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Gartner - now we take off!

Read Feeder Service

The time has come, we can officially announce that we have started the ROAD FEEDER SERVICE (RFS) division since September 2021 and now we can offer our customers well thought-out and well-organized solutions in this segment as well.

Road Feeder Service => for us that means fulfilling individual customer requests, flexibility and organizational top performance in planning and fulfilling your orders, including 24/7/365 monitoring.

We have been a “regulated agent” since September 1st, 2021, our drivers have been trained in accordance with Section, which means compliance with the secure supply chain for you.

We have invested in new equipment and we are currently with 30 units, including rollerbed box semi-trailers, megatrailers across Europe for our customers.

Our team of specialists with years of experience in planning and dispatching operates directly from our new office at Hörsching Airport and looks forward to receiving your orders.

Road Feeder Service
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Mr Samir Amer