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Working for Gartner

Inspired by our founder Josef Peter Gartner and guided by our values passed on from generation to generation, we provide our customers with transport, intermodal and warehousing services as well as 106 years of knowledge. That is why, every single day, about 1,000 customers choose our company as their logistics partner.

Despite this size, the Gartner company has remained a family business. We are characterised by clear responsibilities and flat hierarchies, which enable faster decisions and their implementation. These principles also apply to our role as an employer.

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Teamwork and tolerance

Together, we achieve more. That is why it is essential to work well with colleagues on the job, even across departments. Above all, it is important to treat each other with respect, even when opinions differ. Factual and well-founded criticism is expressly desired in this context and is an integral part of the work culture at Gartner. Internationalism is also part of this culture – Gartner is an employer for employees of 26 different nationalities, who speak a total of 23 languages. It is precisely because people of different ethnic origins work together on a daily basis that we are committed to tolerance. Everyone at Gartner has the same rights and responsibilities, and is respected and accepted regardless of race, colour or gender.

Entry and advancement at Gartner

Whether you start your career with Gartner as an intern, apprentice or experienced specialist, there are no limits to your career opportunities. As an employer we encourage and challenge our employees: If you get involved with Gartner and are committed and motivated to do your job, there is always a way up. Numerous long-standing employees confirm these opportunities.

Compatibility of family and career

As a family-owned employer, the compatibility of family and career is a top priority for us. For this reason, the Gartner company in Austria enables all employees to return to their regular jobs with reduced working hours during parental leave. This reduction – in most cases from full-time to 20 hours part-time – is possible for employees with at least three years of continuous employment until the child reaches the age of seven.

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