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Intermodal transport

Paving the way for flexibility and sustainability: Since 2003, the Gartner Group has consistently relied on intermodal transport in a combination of road and rail for its transport services. This means that we can always choose the means of transport that is best suited to fulfil the international transport tasks of our customers and partners on time.

The rail terminal at the company's location in Lambach, Austria, is the central hub for our intermodal transport solutions in the corridor between Western and South-Eastern Europe and Turkey. Our customers and business partners also have access to our proven all-round service and our comprehensive network in the intermodal sector with our own fleet of vehicles and modern equipment.

Thinking about tomorrow, today: Sustainability through intermodal transport solutions

In intermodal or combined transport, the entire transport operation is carried out using the same loading unit in combination with two different modes of transport – for example, truck and train – in order to optimise transport processes and times. Complex reloading of the transported goods is no longer necessary, with Gartner also offering you an efficient and safe transportation in this area too.

However, our goal is not only to increase the efficiency of transportation: As a responsible and future-centric company, we see intermodal transport as a unique opportunity to carry out transport operations more sustainably and in an environmentally conscious way in future. In the interest of the environment, we feel committed to expanding this ecologically sound transport solution and are an active member of the sustainable initiative “Green Freight Europe”.

Bahnterminal Lambach
Container am Taschenwagen
Intermodaler Verkehr Netzwerk

Intermodal South-Eastern Europe

Quality and reliability are also the focus of our group's intermodal transport solutions. For transport operations to and from South-Eastern Europe, we offer regular weekly train departures from the Lambach hub. Between Austria and Romania, Bulgaria as well as from/to Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, the commissioned containers and intermodal loading units of various sizes and types are loaded on our intermodal block trains and transported by rail.

Intermodal Western Europe

For Western Europe, our customers benefit from the well-networked hub situated in Lambach, from which direct connections with road transport and other variants in combined transport are available daily. At all our company-owned terminal locations, we also offer the full range of supplementary services for intermodal transport to enable the classic door-to-door transport solution.

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Intermodal transport
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