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Road transport

Our core competence lies in road transport. Whether in the form of refrigerated trailers, curtainside transport, tankers or vehicle transporters – we can transport almost anything by road. In order to meet the numerous customer and industry-specific transport requirements, we spare neither cost nor effort and can therefore always guarantee our customers the right equipment and the deployment of cutting-edge technology. At present, our fleet of vehicles comprises roughly 2,100 towing units.

Individual vehicles for road transport

Our logistics know no bounds – in order to be able to respond to the individual needs of our customers, almost all of our vehicles are equipped with special equipment. Examples of this include specialist curtainside trailers with Joloda systems for transport operations in the paper industry or side wall trailers with coil troughs for transport operations in the steel industry. When it comes to refrigerated transport operations, we have had pharmaceutical trailers at our disposal for some time now, which can be used for the transport of sensitive medicines with enabled permanent temperature monitoring, even remotely via satellite.

Qualified personnel

In order to be able to guarantee these high standards and self-imposed quality requirements, we only employ our own personnel.  With such a fleet size in today’s world, that is no mere matter of course.  That is why we are proud to be able to say “Gartner on the outside means Gartner on the inside”.

Gartner umweltfreundlicher Fuhrpark

Environmentally friendly vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet consists exclusively of vehicles within the Euro 5 EEV and Euro 6 classes. The associated higher acquisition costs are amortised within the first two years through the amount of fuel saved, as well as thanks to lower CO2 emissions. All vehicles always meet the latest emission standards.

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