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With the server solution of DELL EMC Power Edge we have significantly improved our IT infrastructure. The number of servers was successfully halved, the license costs reduced by 50 % and performance increased by 40 %.

By switching to the PowerEdge R740xd server from Dell EMC, we were able to improve our IT infrastructure and achieved five times better network utilisation, which was noticeable for our employees throughout the entire company and enabled more efficient work at all levels. To meet the digital needs of our ever-growing business, the IT infrastructure needed to be adapted long ago and the solution was found in Dell EMC.

Markus Fürlinger (CIO) “From a technical point of view it was clear to us exactly what we needed. The support from Dell EMC, especially the customer service, was excellent. They knew exactly which product would suit our requirements. The implementation phase was, therefore, very entertaining”.

The 16 obsolete blade center servers were replaced with only 8 new PowerEdge R740xd servers. This improvement saved 50 per cent of the license costs and increased performance by 40 per cent. In addition, twice the performance per server is achieved and, based on Exchange Server, there was even a 100 per cent performance gain.

When considering the fact that work processes are mainly digital, we would like to focus even more so on digital data protection in the future. Digital transformation poses a challenge, especially in the forwarding and freight business, as truck drivers currently still have to have delivery notes signed. However, drivers already receive their orders digitally.

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