GARTNER PUTS THE PEDAL TO THE METAL – Taking the fast lane by storm with alternative drives!


In addition to the 120 long semi-trailers in use, we are now setting another clear signal in terms of sustainability with our investment in ten Iveco S-Way semi-trailer trucks.

The trucks, which run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), are currently the most ecological, practical transport option in long-distance transport. With 460 bhp engines, the new S-Way from the Italian manufacturer is one of the most powerful LNG trucks on the market. The ten new trucks sporting the near-inconspicuous “NP” (“Natural Power”) lettering and a somewhat modernised look are currently only being used in Germany. While the required network of filling stations in Germany is growing substantially – with 20 such filling stations already in Germany and 250 throughout Europe – only two of these filling stations can be found in Austria to date (in Ennshafen and near Graz).

In addition to the refined and perfected technology in use, environmental considerations also play an essential role for us, especially in the current energy revolution taking place – a gas engine is not only much quieter, but compared to a diesel engine it also saves a lot in terms of NOX and particle emissions.

While in Germany LNG trucks are currently exempt from tolls and are subsidised by the German government upon purchase, LNG trucks in Austria are, unfortunately, still taking to the streets in relative secrecy due to the lack of governmental support for LNG trucks.

“Der Österreichische Transporteur” – The official journal of the industry association and professional groups operating in the freight transport industry – Marco Dittrich


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