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Company location in Netolice

In Netolice, Gartner has a 50 % stake in the Sindelar freight forwarding company. The area covers four hectares, on which the office building, the warehouses, the workshop, the petrol station and the car park are located. The main service focus is the temperature-controlled transport of goods. Many years of experience with fruit and vegetable transport, the transport of frozen food, as well as cooperation with industrial transport and pharmaceutical transport operations characterise this location.

In order to ensure the highest quality, the position of the vehicle is continuously monitored. This is achieved thanks to a 24-hour tracking system. An alarm system provides additional security for goods moving from A to B.

Standort Netolice
Standort Netolice Sindelar
Sindelar Spedition s.r.o, Czech Republic

Vodnanska 533

CZ-38411 Netolice