GARTNER Intertrans Hungaria

Due to our family roots and the company’s expansion towards the East, the Gartner Group has been represented in Hungary with its own company since 1991. In the meantime, Gartner Intertrans Hungaria has become one of the largest internationally active transport companies in Hungary and offers transport solutions to the whole of Europe from its locations in Zalaegerszeg, Budapest, Nagykanizsa and Gyál.


Our expertise includes not only conventional goods transport, but also the transport of liquid chemicals, temperature-controlled goods, high-value goods protected by special safety standards, double-deck loading, ADR goods, goods with exchangeable pallets and special trips. A self-imposed quality management system generally valid for the entire group applies throughout. All equipment – as well as the training of staff – is carried out according to the latest ISO 9001:2015 and SQAS regulations and is subject to review and continuous improvement by auditors every single year.


Vehicle fleet

Gartner is a dominant company in Hungary based on the fleet of vehicles used. This consists of semi-trailer tractor units, curtainside, refrigerated and tank trailers, as well as vehicle transporters. Meanwhile, Gartner offers one of the largest refrigerated vehicle fleets in the country. In addition, the capacity within the Group of Companies is supplemented by that of its subcontractors. The entire fleet includes not only the usual semi-trailers, but also various small vehicles from one tonne payload upwards.

To meet the diverse range of customer requirements, Gartner guarantees state-of-the-art equipment. Since 2017, Gartner has also started to equip the trucks with modern trays. These not only connect navigation and communication with the drivers, but also contain informative videos about the truck, which can be played repeatedly. With an average age of just under two years, the fleet is one of the most modern in Europe and, therefore, always meets the latest ecological guidelines.


What distinguishes Gartner:

  • Family business
  • High-quality standards
  • Professional competence
  • Many years of transport experience
  • Own state-of-the-art equipment
  • Own workshop
  • Flexible transport solutions
  • Goods tracking via GPS
  • Modern warehouses with warehouse management system
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