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GARTNER FLAIR – Together we achieve more!

Code of Conduct

Our company has been successful for over 100 years, which is mainly due to our excellent and motivated employees. They are characterised by varying competences, views and interests and possess a wide range of skills that can be used in many different ways. Different cultural and ethnic backgrounds also shape our international group. We are convinced that there is a need for employees who feel welcome in our company, who pursue our goals while retaining their personality and who can make targeted use of their strengths. That is why we strive every day to create a pleasant and personal working atmosphere and that the famous “Gartner Flair”, which is difficult to put into words, will continue to be maintained, because together we can achieve more!

Events & Actions

Sports events promote social contact, interpersonal communication, team spirit and are plenty of fun. We as a company offer our employees various group sports events at our headquarters in Lambach, such as participation in the Salzkammergut Trophy, Austria's largest mountain bike marathon. Another fixed event is our annual ice hockey tournament. Under real match conditions with complete equipment and a referee, the evening always transforms into a highlight, even for ice hockey beginners. Fun, action and movement are also in the spotlight during departmental excursions like the high ropes course.

Get a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your wife or girlfriend on the way home? We can take care of that and organise flowers for our employees. Pancakes at Easter, doughnuts at carnival or ice cream in summer when temperatures go over 35°C - we say: A sense of variety and paying attention to the smaller details in our daily work routine are a must!

Social commitment

We lend financial support to numerous associations, clubs and schools: be it for high school graduation balls and local initiatives, or through the provision of advertising or free transportation. In our sponsoring activities, we strive for long-term, regional and sustainable partnerships. Please understand that due to the many hundreds of requests we receive each year, we cannot support every request.

For more than 30 years, we have supported the regional sports club as the main sponsor, which is also why it bears our company name “SV Gartner Edt”. We pay special attention to the promotion of youth football.


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