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With the help of the Jobrouter workflow system, we at Gartner have taken a giant step towards digitalisation. We not only save paper, but also valuable time.

Jobrouter accompanies us every day and supports us in all standardised processes. We can now optimise processing procedures and documents and digitally forward and process them promptly within the company, which makes work much easier in a wide variety of processes and enables us to make decisions more quickly.

With the help of Jobrouter's absence management, it is quick and easy to enter holidays or periods of annual leave, all customer documents are quickly available, there is no need to send them by post and the associated postage costs are eliminated. Meanwhile, 60% of our freight credits reach us in electronic form only. Jobrouter not only gives us greater transparency for the company, but is also the central hub with which a wide variety of data records can be accessed and visualised with fewer clicks.

Jobrouter has a very user-friendly design, and there is no longer any need to spend a long time searching for documents and information, because all information is stored centrally and can be found at a glance. Despite initial scepticism, all employees in all departments are enthusiastic about this digitisation platform and admit that it works better than expected. Thanks to its easy handling and with a little practice, working with Jobrouter quickly becomes a routine task in everyday work. We have been won over by Jobrouter and do not want to do without it anymore. In the logistics industry, it is becoming ever more important to have documents available quickly.

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