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With its headquarters in Lambach/Austria and branches, subsidiaries and cooperation partners in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Gartner is one of the leading family-owned transport companies in Austria. The headquarters in Lambach and the five logistics centres in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Romania form the basis for a nationwide transport and logistics service, where 45 countries are loaded and unloaded. In the last financial year, Gartner achieved a consolidated annual turnover of roughly EUR 648 million.

The Gartner Group is now represented at 23 locations in 8 countries within Europe and employs a total of 3,700 people.

Today, the Gartner transport company has its own environmentally friendly truck fleet with over 2,100 towing units and in excess of 3,200 trailers. A single tractor travels 115,000 km a year, making a total of 670,000 road transports per year. With an average of 13 % empty kilometres, around 240 tons of Bio LNG are needed annually. The equipment meets the latest ecological standards, and yet we have tried to shift as many transport operations as possible to rail. With 1,600 containers, we now handle 35,000 rail transport operations annually.