Gartner Family

Inspired by our founder Josef Peter Gartner and guided by our values passed on from generation to generation, we provide our customers with transport, intermodal and warehousing services as well as over 100 years of knowledge. That is why, every day, over 1,000 customers choose our company to guarantee full shelves for their end consumers throughout Europe. The company has now been in existence for over 100 years and is exclusively family-owned (Mr Richard Gartner 36.7%, Mrs Julia Gartner 20%, Mr Georg Gartner 20%, Mr Klaus Gartner 8.4%, Mrs Isabella Gartner 7.45% and Mr Christian Gartner 7.45%). The management of Gartner Transport Holding is the responsibility of Mr Richard Gartner, Mr Klaus Gartner and Mr Gerald Schinagl.

The Gartner Group has more than 3,700 employees throughout Europe (including approximately 954 in Austria). Despite its size, we have remained a family business. We are characterised by clear responsibilities and flat hierarchies, which enable faster decisions and their implementation. This offers the advantage of short decision-making processes compared to large, sluggish groups, but also the opportunity to react quickly to market changes.

Since corporate management is teamwork, we began many years ago to build up a strong management team which embraces this idea internally and which also transports it to our customers.

Julia, Georg und Christian Gartner

Georg, Julia and Christian Gartner

“We're a family business in the 4th Generation – and what is essentially passed on from generation to generation is what makes up our entrepreneurial personality. We are proud of our long tradition and can look back on an exciting history. After all, the value of a company is also made up of the sum of its experience. Since its foundation, the company’s traditions, values and sense of customer orientation have determined its focus in a sustainable way and our role as a transporter today is primarily concerned with accompanying our customers to achieving their own success. We are convinced that our company policy will continue to take us far into the “world of transport” in the future." (Gartner Family)