Our 106-year success story began with the laying of the foundation stone in 1918 by Peter Gartner as a national product dealer and taxi/transport company. Today, we are one of the leading logistics companies in Europe and have gained the trust of our customers with professional and reliable freight handling.

Gartner Geschichte 1918

How it all began

The foundation of today's Gartner Group was laid by Peter Gartner in 1918 as a national product dealer and taxi/transport company.


Initial entry in the company register and expansion into a nationally significant transport company for crude oil transports

The Gartner company has been recorded in the company register since 1946. At that time, Josef Peter took over the small business and developed it into a nationally important transport company. Gartner mainly transported crude oil from the Upper Austrian production areas with tank trucks to the refinery in Vienna. In his memory and honour, a street was named after him in Edt near Lambach – the Josef-Gartner-Straße.

Gartner Geschichte 1946
Gartner Geschichte 1950

International expansion of the transport business

At the beginning of the fifties, Gartner became active in international transport for the first time. A branch office was founded in Vienna. In the sixties, Josef Peter Gartner and his wife Irene Gartner were able to expand their activities in the international transport business significantly. From now on, Gartner trucks were on the road in all important European countries.


Entry of Peter, Klaus and Richard Gartner

In 1974 and 1977 respectively, the sons Peter, Klaus and Richard Gartner joined the company. The course for expansion was set and a new era dawned. Almost the entire Gartner truck fleet was converted to the MAN brand. Gartner also entered the chemical and food transport business.

Gartner Geschichte 1974/1977
Gartner Geschichte 1980

Purchase of the first refrigerated vehicles

In 1980, the first refrigerated vehicles were purchased. Gartner developed into a leading brand in the international transport sector. “Just in time” was the motto even then.


Foundation of the branch office in Rosenheim (DE)

The entrepreneurial vision of the company’s management was also evident in 1982. A branch office was founded in Rosenheim/Germany. The foundation stone for success in the European Union was thus laid.

Gartner Geschichte 1982
Gartner Geschichte 1989

New construction of the administration and workshop building in Lambach

In 1989, a new administration building with in-house workshops was erected at the headquarters in Lambach/Upper Austria. Even at this time, Gartner was playing a pioneering role. With the help of the latest communication facilities, a large number of vehicles was efficiently dispatched throughout Europe even back then.


Foundation of Gartner Intertrans Hungaria in Zalaegerszeg (HU) as well as GHB and GBT

The strong expansion made it necessary to expand into the eastern markets. In 1991, the Hungarian subsidiary Gartner Intertrans Kft. based in Zalaegerszeg was taken over. The rapid upward development required constant investment. In order to implement these economically, the companies GHB Gartner Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. and GBT Gartner Beteiligungs- und Transportgesellschaft m.b.H. were founded.

Gartner Geschichte 1991
Gartner Geschichte 1999

Takeover of the company Mertz in Kehl – now Gartner Speditions GmbH

Customer proximity was more than just a buzzword for Gartner from early on. In order to be close to the customer in the growing German market, the Mertz company in Kehl am Rhein was taken over in 1999. Since then, the German network has been trading from Kehl under the name “Gartner Speditions GmbH”.


Takeover of the company ESTRA

After many years of participation, Gartner took over the Ludwigshafen-based company ESTRA in 2000. Later, the company Estra was incorporated into Gartner Tankspedition GmbH.

Gartner Geschichte 2000
Gartner Geschichte 2002

Commissioning of the current headquarters

The constant expansion required a new company headquarters that met the complex logistical requirements. In 1999, construction of the new Gartner KG logistics centre, very close to the previous company headquarters, was started and, at the end of 2002, this major investment was put into operation.


First own shuttle trains to Greece, Romania and Germany

The relocation to the newly built headquarters was accompanied by the opening of the terminal. With its own shuttle trains to Greece, Romania and Germany, Gartner went “step by step” into the future.

Gartner Geschichte 2003
Gartner Geschichte 2005

Integration of the company Sindelar (CZ)

With the expansion of the EU, Gartner has also grown strongly. With its own location in the Czech Republic, the change in market conditions in the East was taken into account. Sindelar Spedition s.r.o., based in Netolice, has been half-owned by the Gartner Group since 2005.


Acquisition of the international forwarding agency Leible-Seifried in Kehl (DE)

Our own container terminal in Sindos and the Leible-Seifried Internationale Spedition und Transport GmbH in Kehl/Rhine, acquired in 2007, complement Gartner's Europe-wide network.

Gartner Geschichte 2007
Gartner Geschichte 2013

Cooperation and acquisition of shares in the company HPTO Overland

In order to meet the growing demands of the international transport sector, the company entered the Romanian market in 2013. First with collaborative efforts and later with its own subsidiary. In the middle of the year, 51% of the Romanian company HPTO Transport Overland, based in Timisoara, was acquired.


Opening of a further office in Curtici (RO)

As a result of the cooperation between the Trade Trans group, Gysev Cargo and Gartner, two weekly pairs of block trains were sent from Sopron to Curtici and back with removable bodies from our Lambach site. Shipments are delivered by truck from Curtici to the recipient or collected by the customer. In addition, 40 Gartner trucks were stationed.

Gartner Geschichte 2014
Gartner Geschichte 2015

Renaming of the Romanian subsidiary to Gartner Eurotrans Romania

The next step was the acquisition of the remaining 49% shares in HP Transport Overland. The Romanian company was thus also renamed Gartner Eurotrans.


New company location in Romania

In order to meet the enormous expansion of the Romanian subsidiary, the company moved to a new location in Sanandrei/Timisoara. With the two locations in Timisoara and Curtici, Gartner is a strong partner in the East and can thus meet the needs of its customers directly on site.

Gartner Geschichte 2016 2
Gartner Geschichte 2016

Extension of the train connection to Karlsruhe

With the increase in frequency of the Curtici - Lambach - train route, an extension to Karlsruhe was also introduced to meet the increasing requirements. Due to the strategically located terminal in Karlsruhe, this extension offers a connection between Germany, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland to Austria and South-East Europe.


Extension of the company's own workshop

Given that the Gartner fleet has grown steadily and the original workshop was designed for approx. 1,000 trucks in 2002 – and would now be operating a much larger fleet – Gartner expanded the workshop by ten repair boxes and a storage area for approx. 6,900 spare parts. This enables Gartner to guarantee the quality of the maintenance for its fleet as well as to achieve an increase in efficiency by merging repair areas.

Gartner Geschichte 2017
Gartner Geschichte 2017 2

Takeover of the company Gustav Ziegler GmbH in Dürmentingen (DE)

Ziegler’s business area mainly involves the transport of agricultural and construction machinery, but also heavy transport with low-bed trailers throughout Europe and Asia. Through the company Ziegler, Gartner is able to expand its range of special transport services and is now able to act as a full-service provider in this sector.


New company location in Slovakia

Since January 2018, the company Gartner Slovakia s.r.o. Has also been owned by the Gartner Group. Up to now, the company has been focused on trucking transport in Western Europe. The location also serves as a basis for further expansion in Eastern Europe.

Gartner Geschichte 2018
Gartner Geschichte 2018 1

New company location in Wörnitz

The Wörnitz location has been owned by Gartner since 2018 on an area spanning almost five hectares. From here, well-known customers from Germany, Austria and the neighbouring Benelux countries are served. A truck workshop with 17 gates located on the premises will in future ensure that the company's own truck fleet is always in perfect condition. Finally, the good geographical location of Wörnitz also serves to optimise transshipment traffic.


Takeover of MOOY Logistics Waddinxveen

Part of the company MOOY Logistics Waddinxveen was taken over by the Gartner Group at the end of 2018 as part of an asset deal and transformed into the newly founded Gartner Holland B.V. This enabled Gartner to further expand its European branch network.

Gartner Geschichte 2018 2
Gartner Geschichte 2019

New train connection Erfurt – Weil am Rhein (DE)

By expanding the railway network, Gartner is creating an intermodal connection between the up-and-coming economic area in the former East Germany and the established economic area of Baden Württemberg. Due to the geographical location of the Weil am Rhein terminal, not only the German-Swiss border region, but also and above all Switzerland can be served throughout the country. This connection to Switzerland creates a considerable competitive advantage for our customers due to the capacity and supply security it offers.


Expansion of the Gartner Nord company premises

Although the new construction of the company headquarters in Lambach/Austria was not very long ago, there was hardly any space left on the premises for all vehicles and so, in May 2018, the company started to expand the premises. The “Gartner Nord” area now extends northwards over an area of 14 football pitches. Over several construction stages, an underpass/tunnel was built under the B1. The new Gartner KG site is used as an additional parking area for the company's own truck fleet.

This project laid the foundation for further company growth, a long-term safeguarding of the location and more jobs in the region.

Gartner Geschichte 2019 2
Gartner Lang LKW Typ 1

Entry into volume transport with long trucks

With the investment in 120 type 1 long trucks, Gartner is increasingly entering into the volume transport sector within Germany. Customer requirements as well as the company's own environmental strategy led to the decision for these trailers, which are 1.3 m longer. With internal dimensions of 14.98 m length at 3.00 m internal height or 37 euro-pallet spaces respectively, these trailers make a significant contribution to CO2 savings.