Company location in Arad/Curtici

Not only we but also our partners expect an even greater shift to rail transport in the future. This is why we are particularly interested in the expansion of intermodal transport routes even at this early stage. ARAD/Curtici, located in the western part of Romania, offers the largest private terminal and, due to its convenient location, optimal conditions for the rail-guided transport of goods to and from all over Romania.

Due to the direct connection with the in-house terminal at the company’s Lambach location, Curtici acts as a hub for intermodal transport solutions between Western and South-Eastern Europe. This is particularly important due to the otherwise rather poor rail infrastructure in Romania. This is one of the reasons why Gartner also operates here exclusively with its own trucks, trailers, containers and chassis, in order to be able to guarantee smooth operations.

Standort Arad/Curtici Luftaufnahme
Standort Arad/Curtici Container auf Schiene
Standort Arad/Curtici Terminal

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