Liquid transport

Competence and flexibility at the highest international level: Gartner has been a reliable partner to the international chemical and mineral oil processing industries for many years. With our tank trucks and tank containers, we transport liquid and temperature-controlled goods up to a temperature of 240°C throughout Europe. Our modern towing vehicles and trailers naturally meet all the requirements of GGVS and ADR and are therefore just as suitable for normal goods as for hazardous goods.

Our speciality: chemical and technical liquid transport operations

We are absolute specialists for the liquid transport of chemical and technical products. That is why we have optimised our entire fleet of liquid transport vehicles for this particular service segment. This makes us an especially reliable partner with an extensive, highly specialised fleet. As we focus exclusively on the transport of chemical liquids, tank transports for foodstuffs are not part of our range of services.


Certified safety

Our trailers used for tank transport are equipped with one or more chambers, depending on the design. They are mainly used for the transport of hazardous goods. In order to guarantee a high degree of safety during the transport of these extremely sensitive products, all our tankers are regularly checked for their GGVS and ADR conformity.

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Our fleet for tank transport

All our 160 tractor units, whether single or multi-chamber, are equipped with air compressors.

Chemical tanker trailer

  • 30 m³ (200 mm insulation/riser pipe/electric heating/surge plates/steam connection/2.3 bar/up to 240°C temperature/ V4A)
  • 30 m³ (100 mm or 150 mm insulation/riser pipe/surge plate/electric heating/steam connection/2.3 bar/V4A)
  • 37 m³ (100 mm insulation/riser pipe/surge plates/electric heating/steam connection/2.3 bar/V4A)
  • 4-chamber 33 m³ (different chamber sizes/100 mm insulation/steam connection/2 bar/V4A)

Tank container

(partly with electric heating)

  • One-chamber 30 m³ (100 mm insulation/surge plates/steam connection/partial electric heating/2.3 bar/V4A, SWAP body)