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Refrigerated transport

Cool heads for perfectly chilled goods: An uninterrupted cold chain is the basis for the transport of temperature-controlled goods. With our many years of experience and our modern refrigerated trailers, we ensure that even sensitive goods arrive at their destination safely, perfectly chilled and without loss of quality.

Seamless documentation in accordance with public and internal guidelines

As your logistics provider, Gartner guarantees the safe transport of all types of refrigerated goods. Whether vegetables, fruit or meat products, chemicals or pharmaceuticals: We stand for reliable, traceable and efficient logistics solutions. Timed to the minute – and cooled to the exact degree needed.

Guaranteed reliability: Refrigerated transport without loss of quality

State-of-the-art technology is the basis for our refrigerating promise. Our 830 vehicles for refrigerated transport boast a special, fully insulated body – the so-called refrigerated box. It has space for 33 Euro pallets or 43 CC containers for flowers. During transport, the freight in the refrigerated box can be kept at a constant and precise temperature required for the product in question. In order to be as versatile as possible, each of our refrigerated trailers is equipped with an ultra-modern refrigeration unit that allows a temperature range of -28°C to +28°C.

In this way, we guarantee product-specific temperature control along the entire logistics chain, naturally including electronic temperature recording. All our refrigerated trailers are also FRC-certified. This guarantees that, thanks to robust insulation technology, the temperature does not drop immediately in the event of a malfunction – and that your goods reach their destination safely, even if the worst comes to the worst.

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Simply flexible: Refrigerated transport for food, non-food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Individual solutions for the greatest flexibility and reliability: Gartner not only provides you with many years of expertise in all aspects of refrigerated transport, but also highly specialised trailers for particularly demanding logistics tasks.

Many of our vehicles for refrigerated transport are equipped with product- and load-specific specialist equipment. These include, for example, double deck beams with which pallets can be stacked on top of each other. We are also ideally equipped for the transport of livestock or fresh meat. Our “meat coolers” offer tubular tracks through which the meat can be loaded quickly and directly into the truck on a hook. For the mixed transport of frozen and fresh goods, special trailers with partitions are available, which allow different cooling zones. This saves time and enables an absolutely efficient utilisation of the supply chain.

Our vehicle fleet for refrigerated transport

Thermo trailers
  • 830 units in total
  • 33 Euro pallets loading spaces
  • Equipped with electronically operated temperature recording devices
  • Temperature range from -28°C to +28°C
  • All thermo trailers are flower storage-ready
    (43 CC Container)
of which thermo trailers with specialist equipment
  • 120 unit hook systems
  • 260 unit double deck
  • 160 unit partition wall coolers for transport in two different temperature ranges