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Gartner Vienna offers the ideal logistics platform for the storage and transport of fruit, vegetables and other temperature-sensitive products with a large, temperature-controlled handling and high-bay warehouse, as well as thanks to its convenient location on the Vienna Outer Motorway Ring S1.

Vienna is the second-largest location in Austria after the Gartner Group headquarters in Lambach. The head of the Vienna branch is Mr Christian Neunteufel: he is responsible for the management of the division Forwarding & Logistics/Warehouse as well as for Key Account Management. The Vienna location has a large fleet of its own vehicles at its disposal for national fresh produce logistics as well as for conventional national and international freight transport.

Refrigerated trailers and motor vehicles with refrigerated bodies and lifting platforms are primarily used here. ADR-equipped curtainside trailers are used in both domestic and international transport. A special pillar of Gartner's Vienna location is event logistics. Gartner supplies equipment and beverages for major events as well as various individual concerts.

Standort Wien Bürogebäude
Standort Wien IT
Standort Wien Außengebäude
Standort Wien Laderampen

Part of the Gartner IT team operates from a separate office in Vienna. The network, application & EDI team as well as the IT helpdesk, for the whole group (DE, HU, RO, SK, SRB, GR etc.) are located here.

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